Sh*t Devil Frankie Does

Hi, This is Frank. Noooo not Frank Iero..well kinda. i'm sorta his "evil" twin. I am my own different character outside of My Chemical Romance. Here is a list of sh*t I like: music, my kids, my wife, food, climbing on people, breaking things, getting drunk, breaking the rules on this page (don't let Alex know), dogs, and cursing.
So feel free to ask me anything. I'm all ears, unless you are a dick..then leave. XO. PS. I run this bitch now. Get use to it.

Frost? ooooooooooh yes!

From the creator ((cause i’m lame))

this character was very fun to draw and create. he branched out from being frank iero, to being his own character ((even tho i still tag him as frank iero, i just do that for more notes so this blog would stay alive))

i know this blog went down after i changed the name of this blog, plus a lot of mcr fans kinda…stopped looking at mcr stuff and stopped running their blogs.but it was very fun to make this blog ((especially when it was mostly just about devil frankie.))

devil frankie is boss. all i have to say :D

give him a slice of pizza or something, he’s pretty upset.



i know this blog pretty much has been on life support ever since My Chemical Romance split, so i thought i would give you guys the entire layout of Devil Frankie (well…someone asked for a tutorial of how to draw him, this is the closest you’re gonna get to a tutorial hahaha)

glad you guys enjoyed this character on your dash. and thank you for sticking around since mcradventures.



personal blog:

next post will have everything you need to know about devil frankie :D

next post will have everything you need to know about devil frankie :D

F: i don’t know if i could say she is my mother, more of an awesome guardian who sometimes gives me nice things, like this flower crown. she can be lazy and not give me color, but when she is in a good mood, she does nice things like this for me.

Anonymous asked: How many followers did you lose or gain after you quit mcradventures?

well i’m at 1,897 right now. and i use to have 1,969 when i announced that devil frank would take over this blog (a lot of people think mcr is not in the picture for this blog anymore, they are wrong, no one requests mcr stuff anymore, that’s all.) soooo 72 followers lost.

guessing those 72 people were mcr fans who didn’t know i changed my url and picture, oops haha!